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7 Must Visit Bars For An Awesome Party In Bled

Technically Bled is more a village than a city, so the party scene is not as crazy as for instance in Ljubljana. That however does not mean that there’s no nightlife for you to enjoy. There are a handful of very cool bars where you are able to party hard while reveling in the spell-binding atmosphere of the lake. The bad news is that all of these bars close at 3 am, so it’s best to start partying a bit earlier than usual, especially if you consider yourself a party animal. Careful though if you intend to start outside as it’s illegal to drink in public places, meaning you should stay away from popular tourist spots, such as those by the lake. Also be sure not to “drink & drown” as the locals like to put it - we don’t recommend swimming when you’re drunk. Ever. Another thing to keep in mind about swimming is that it’s only permitted at a few designated spots around the lake and nowhere else.



First on our list is Pub Bled also known by the locals as Troha bar and one of the best party places in Bled. It’s full almost every night, with people gradually loosening up and hitting the floor as the party progresses. Things get even more crazy once the Pub Crawl is there and the pub fills up to capacity. They host DJ’s on most nights and are known for their wide selection of mixed drinks and cocktails. You’re also able to have a view of the castle if perhaps you decide to visit them by day. The crowd is usually a mix of tourists and students.  


Is a place often visited by a more alternative crowd. That however is not the case in high season when tourists take over, so no worries about the music being to edgy. Kult is located on the ground floor of Bled shopping center, right across the street from the lake, and has one of the best views from the terrace. It also frequently hosts concerts of different genres making it all the more fun.    


Is located right next to a hockey rink, visible from inside the Bar. It has a unique rock themed interior and as the name suggests they mainly play rock music. Other than that they also offer a wide selection of beers.    


 A nice chill out place with a large terrace overlooking the lake. The bar is great for afternoon drinking and on some nights can also turn into a great party place. It usually attracts a younger audience, such as students from the Bled school of management. The interior is nice and cosy with gold framed artwork and a charming old spiral staircase. This is also the gathering place for Pub Crawls.


A somewhat darker place, spread across 2 floors, with vintage solid wood decor. Devil is one of the most popular spots in Bled. It’s perfect for some light preparty drinking, however it’s not exactly the cheapest so if you’re looking to get wasted it may not be your best choice. They offer daily lunch specials and are known for hosting heavy late night drinking. The place attracts a very mixed crowd. Another cool thing is that they also offer a fine selection of cigars.


Has the decor of a traditional slovenian bar, with wooden beams and a touch of modern style. It’s great for preparty drinking but closes at 1 am. It’s also great if you’re into watching sports, since they have two big lcds - one on the terrace and one inside.


 This is the only proper club in Bled, though sadly it’s only open for special events. When open, the parties they host can be really cool, so it’s always worth to check out their facebook for upcoming events.  


As you can see there is definitely no shortage of excellent bars in Bled. Knowing that this is such a small town it’s actually surprising how many cool places it has to offer. The lack of proper clubs may be a downside, but the town more than makes up for that with it’s jaw dropping scenery and a number of charming Bars that are no less fun than those in bigger cities. Note that some of the best bars are also a part of Pub Crawl Bled, so you can simply join in on one of those. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a fun way to meet likeminded travelers. In addition to that you’ll always be where the best party is at. They tend to really fill up the places they visit, while the guides make sure everyone has an awesome time.  


Your local party friend, so you experience Bled as insider.


Entering the last pub as if we had known each other for ages.


Making this nightlife Bled tour worth remembering.